Color Me Fancy’s Guide To Being The Perfect Wedding Guest

No one wants to be that guest that everyone turns to scold for being rude! Our guide will help you be the perfect wedding guest!

Planning a wedding can be beyond stressful for some couples, they have to make tons of decisions, kick out a lot of money, go over the logistics and pray everything runs smoothly (unless they have a wedding planner that will do all of this for them)!

So it is you job to make sure you are the perfect guest, here’s how:

  1. RSVP – As soon as you know you’ll be able to attend

  2. Assume Nothing – Do not assume it is okay to bring a plus one or children without talking to the bride or groom – to-be

  3. NEVER show up empty handed, you can see if they are registered, give a monetary gift (which is always welcome) or make or buy something small and meaningful! Think about, your plate/ seat will cost them $23 and upwards

  4. If for some reason, you cannot attend the wedding please let the couple know in advance

  5. Dress for the occasion DO NOT wear jeans, t-shirt, gym shoes, white, cream or ivory. It’s not your day

  6. Arrive at least 10 minutes early to ensure you will be able to find parking and a good seat before the ceremony commence

  7. Have fun and take pictures with the bride and groom but do not talk their ears off, they should speak to all of their guest not just you

  8. If it’s an open bar, Please Please do yourself a favor and limit the amount of alcohol you consume! Do not be the super drunk person embarrassing yourself, irritating the guest and the couple have to pay someone to take you home

  9. Ask the bride for permission if you want to take the décor do not snatch and grab and stuff your purse, the bride may want to sell her décor after the wedding

  10. Stay as long as you can and mingle! Be Positive and DO NOT speak negatively about the bride, groom, food, or décor at the wedding.

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