How To Pull Off A Fabulous Wedding For Only $10,000!!

The national average spent on a wedding is &28,42; this doesn't include the honey moon! If you got it like that kiddos to you, but if you are living on a budget like me and have to pay for the wedding yourself…. You should definitely read, share and take notes! I tell all my couples to go over their finances together and AGREE on an amount that they both can afford to spend comfortably! I cannot stress this enough, do not overspend on one night when you have the rest of your life to go. Do not break the bank, I repeat, do not break the bank! If you are planning a small wedding (less than 100 people) you should consider keeping it simple and elegant! There are a lot of D.I.Y. tutorials to create the look you want for less. If you are planning a mid-size wedding consider thinking outside the box for your venue, you can also save money getting married in off season. This $10,00 budget breakdown will teach you how to pull off a fabulous wedding with only $10,00!! keep in mind this is a general breakdown and certain categories may need to change 1. VENUE & CATERING Start with selecting your venue and catering company (some venues may include catering, if so combine these two categories). To Pull off a wedding for ten grand you should try not to spend over $1,250 for your venue (if catering is included) you should budget $2,750. 2. WEDDING CAKE A 2-3 tier wedding cake will cost you about $300. (Think logically when selecting a cake, a lot of people will not eat cake at a wedding if acholic beverages are served. Consider a candy buffet table or desert table, that way your guest can take home their goodies. 3. DAY-OF COORDINATOR Adding a coordinator to your budget is an investment. Your coordinator will handle the logistic of your wedding, any emergencies that may occur, manage all the vendors giving you the freedom to enjoy your night! You can book a wedding coordinator for $500. (Do not be afraid to ask if they are running any specials or if you qualify for any discount). 4. BRIDAL ATTIRE A Bride can spend up to $1,000 on her attire, this includes hair, nails, makeup, dress, shoes and jewelry. (you may need to adjust this category). 5. GROOM’S ATTIRE Men are simple creatures by nature and require less than their bride $350 6. PHOTOGRAPHER Do not take the cheap route when it comes to booking your photographer, this service is also an investment! A seasoned photographer will have the knowledge and equipment necessary to capture all the epic moments! This will run you approximately $1,000. 7. DJ The Dj will literally get your guest out their seats and on the dance floor, you can expect to spend $800 to $1,000 8. Flowers Despite what you may think, floral arrangements are not cheap!! Floral centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets can vary depending on the season and vendor, you should spend more than $1,000 9. Rentals Find out what rentals are included with the facility you’ve rented such as chair covers, sashes, table covers, vases, arches , cake stand etc. out of pocket these rental items may cost up to $700 10. Party Favors Shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money, compare prices online, keep an eye out for coupons or if you buy your favors around the holiday time you will run into big discounts $300 11. Stationary Here’s your chance to get creative and do it yourself, if you are not the creative type you can order your save the dates and invitations online to save money $200 12. Transportation Riding in style will cost you a few hundred dollars, but it’s totally worth it! $300 13. Miscellaneous You never know what type of problems you may run into when planning a wedding, its always a great idea to stash some cash $400

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