I Said YES!!! So, Now What??? 8 Things To Do After You Get Engaged!

He spent hours carefully selecting the perfect ring, he waited for the perfect time to present you with a tear jerking proposal (hopefully your nails were polished) and you jumped for joy as you shouted YESSS!!! Now what exactly should you do after you fix your makeup? You should first discuss with your new fiancé if he/she wants to tell everyone right away or if it would be best to wait a while. If you are like me…..you can not hold water so waiting wouldn’t be an option! Here’s  My top 8 things to do after you get engaged!  1.    Insure Your Ring Go get your new rock insured if you are planning on keeping! In today’s world you never know what may happen, heaven forbid your ring gets lost or stolen. I prefer to be safe than crying and venting on Facebook. 2.    Tell Everybody! The time has finally come! After falling for jerks and getting your hurt broken a few times it’s finally your turn to announce your engagement, plan the perfect wedding, brag on social media,  and live happily ever after! Congrats to you, you now have bragging rights….so use them. This is the time to live in the moment and soak it all in.  (Tip: You should tell your parents first)

3.    Throw An Engagement Party, Let The Fun Begin Once you’ve break the news it’s time to party. This isn’t just a regular party this is your engagement party, it should start off a little formal. Don’t be afraid to dress up and speak up if you want to enforce a dress code.  (Tip: This is a good time to select your M.O.H/ Announce)

4.    Crunch The Numbers Sit down and set a budget, try to set a realistic budget within in your financial means. Do not go broke trying to pull off a lavish wedding, you will regret it. Trust ME! (Tip: Some venues and vendors offer discounted rates during the off season)

5.    Set A Date Think about picking a date that already has some importance. It will be easier to remember years down the line. If y’all do not have any sentiment dates you can pick a season or a theme, that will help narrow it down. This date is special, so take your time.

6.    Draft a Guest List You do not have to start drafting up seating arrangements but, you do need an approximate head count. Every single one of your vendors will ask you “how many guest”. This helps determine the vendor’s rates. You cannot book a venue without this.

7.    View & Select Venue Your venue and your catering will be the two most expensive items to budget. Take your time, check reviews, schedule a walk through, view your contract or agreement and make sure you love it. If you are unsure ask your M.O.H for assistance (Tip: Book your venue before you book your vendors, some venue’s book up pretty fast)

8.    Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator I know what you are thinking…. A wedding planner/ coordinator is not necessary, Right? WRONGGG, it’s always a great idea to let the professionals handle the logistic of the wedding. You should only be focus on enjoying your day and living in the moment. Think about it, would you let your friend or relative extract a tooth from your mouth? Would you let a guy on the street replace the transmission in your car? Would you hire someone with a disposable camera to be your wedding photographer? NO, you would not do any of these things.. You would call and hire an expert! Well then,  Shouldn’t you hire a professional to make sure your wedding day runs smooth?

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